The Community & Paradise Cove Oceanfront Estates

Paradise Cove Oceanfront Estates delivers the best the Coast has to offer right to your doorstep. Six gated, south facing, exclusive waterfront acreages offering privacy, security and serenity next door to all modern services and amenities. Nestled alongside B.C.’s pristine Coast Mountain Range and bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is rated as one of the worlds’ most beautiful places to live. International visitors and know they can rely on B.C.’s comprehensive tourism infrastructure and enjoy security and safety due to highly efficient local and national governments.

Stretching from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay to the historic coastal town of Lund, gateway to world renowned marine park, Desolation Sound, the Sunshine Coast is famous for its stunning pristine scenery and temperate climate, vast expanses of protected parkland, and ocean vistas second to none.

Supernatural British Columbia at Your Doorstep

Paradise Cove Oceanfront Estates delivers the best the Coast has to offer right to your doorstep. Three gated, south facing, exclusive waterfront estates of 41 plus acres offer privacy, security and serenity next door to all modern services and amenities.

Each estate has private access to an oceanfront cove and picnic area, boat launch deep water moorage, artisan pools, streams, waterfalls and meadows abundant with wildflowers. Children can play freely on the beach of Paradise Cove. Enjoy fresh fish, oysters, clams and prawns from your own waterfront haven. All three properties boast unsurpassed level of pristine oceanfront splendor.

Located on the temperate and protected waters of the Pacific North West’s Sunshine Coast, Paradise Cove is your exclusive gateway to sweeping ocean vistas, hidden coves and bays, dazzling white-sand beaches and world class resorts and services.

Lakes and rivers surrounded by thousands of square kilometers of pristine coastal mountain forests, the majesty of your surroundings delivers year-round, sea to sky recreation and relaxation with the snow-capped coastal mountains providing a majestic backdrop to the unspoiled splendor of your private oceanfront estate.

You can take full advantage of all-season outdoor recreation year round when you are located in North America’s premiere boating destination. Enjoy prime trophy salmon fishing, golfing, magnificent hiking, biking and rock climbing terrain, glacier heli-skiing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. All within a stones throw of Paradise Cove.

Twenty minutes north, the picturesque town of Powell River known as the Pearl of the Sunshine Coast, population 22,000, ensures your access to a full range of services and amenities. The region’s low crime-rate and close proximity to RCMP establishments ensures security and safety for your family.

Paradise Cove Oceanfront Estates offers the ultimate coastal lifestyle. Discover the experience of pristine beauty with unparalleled ocean magnificence. Experience the thrill of B.C.’s spectacular west coast. Live your dreams in Paradise.

Climate and Weather

The Upper Sunshine Coast, from Saltery Bay to Desolation Sound boasts approximately 1,900 hours of sunshine annually. Summer temperatures vary from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 30 degrees Celsius) while winter temperatures are mild.

Mountain weather conditions ensure surrounding ranges and glaciers receive plenty of snow to keep ski and Snowmobile enthusiasts happy during the winter months. During summer months some lakes warm to temperatures well above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius), while ocean temperatures in parts of Desolation Sound and the Strait of Georgia remain comfortable for water sports throughout the year.


B.C.’s west coast abounds with wildlife. While relaxing in this pristine natural environment, you may glimpse a great blue heron stalking its morning catch along the shoreline; observe a playful otter family darting in and out of tidal rocks, or watch deer wandering through an open meadow.

Eagles and ospreys soar on the warm ocean breezes; below porpoises, killer whales or grey whales might break the surface of the water as they traverse the coast. Seals and sea lions are regular visitors to Paradise Cove.

The region is known for its exceptional bird watching. Loons, mergansers, wood ducks and harlequins are but a few of the waterfowl that make their home along the coast. In the spring tiny ruby red rufous hummingbirds dart from flower to flower; great owls watch silently in the forest, and in the fall pale chevrons of snow geese move across the sky, heading south for the winter. Nature, pure and unspoiled, awaits you at Paradise Cove Oceanfront Estates.